Medieval Matrimony in Dunafon Castle

Just 15 miles west of Denver, Dunafon Castle served as the perfect backdrop for Ferris and Jon's medieval-themed wedding. In addition to modeling what it looks like to stay true to yourselves while wedding planning, they also have some thoughtful tips for taking good care of wedding guests. Read on to learn more from Ferris!

Love Story

Jon and I met through very close friends of his whom I worked with. He took me on a motorcycle ride through the beautiful Colorado mountains and it was then when I realized I would be spending the rest of my life him.

Two years later, his job moved us from Denver to Seattle, where we took a motorcycle/camping trip down the west coast to the Redwoods in California. It was there, deep in Fern Canyon, that Jon presented to me a beautiful engagement ring. I was taken totally by surprise! We set our wedding date for two years later.



Both Jon and I are big into the medieval times and medieval style; "traditional" is not us. We like to be different, stand out, and leave an impression.

I am a collector of mythical creatures, fairies, and dragons. I always thought it would be so cool to be married at a castle, but since we decided to have the wedding in Colorado, my chances of that were slim. After a little research, I found the Dunafon Castle that is located just up in the foothills past Morrison. It's the perfect location, considering most of my family is in the Denver area. It was just what we wanted!


We set the date out two years to be sure we had enough time to save up for our big day. Besides budgeting for the Dunafon Castle and Fresh Tracks Catering, our number one priority (besides giving our love to one another) was to make sure our guests would have the time of their lives and not have to worry about a thing! We reserved a hotel if anyone wanted to book a room, bought all the booze so everyone could just let loose without paying for a thing, and provided shuttle service to and from the venue so no one would have to worry about driving. 

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These items were all costly, so we cut back in other areas. I had my maid-of-honor do my flowers, my auntie bake our cake, and my brother was the ordained minister!

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Unique Details

My medieval dress was made by a lady in the U.K. and Jon wore a black buccaneer style shirt and pants with a sword. My bridesmaids picked their own medieval dresses and Jon's groomsman were in pirate styles. My father was great! He wore his sword with a Knight's helmet and tunic!

We had jar centerpieces filled to the brim with candy and decorated with green ribbon, silver burlap, chains, and leather. We had moss all over the tables which gave it a real storybook feel.


Planning a wedding in Colorado while living in Seattle was a definite challenge. I had my parents do the first walk-through of the venue and I also had to make several trips back and forth to meet people and get things set right.

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Lessons Learned 

Take in every moment because it happens so fast! I want to go back and do it all again!

Tips for Engaged Couples 

If you can, plan some sort of a honeymoon/getaway after the wedding, even if it's just a few days. Once my big day was over after planning and looking forward to it for so long, I felt empty inside. I was so sad when my wedding was over. I was not expecting to feel that way, however, getting away to Antigua with my new husband made me feel so much better! It was much needed!

Marriage Advice 

Nothing should change after you're married. Nothing changed for us except my name! We're still just the best of friends as we were when we met!

Guest List Count 90 // Photography & Videography: Crystaline Photography and Multimedia // Venue: Dunafon Castle // Caterer: Fresh Tracks Catering // Bar Services: Evergreen Discount Liquors // DJ: Maestro Mobile Music Productions // Hair and Makeup: Madera Salon

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