Double Rainbow Wedding in the Botanic Gardens at Chatfield

They say rain on your wedding day is good luck, so a double rainbow must be extra lucky! Jaclyn and Charlie thoughtfully planned for the threat of rain on their wedding day and managed to do so without getting stressed out. Read on to learn more from Jaclyn!

Love Story

Charlie and I met through mutual friends. About a year later he let it slip to some of our female friends that he thought I was cute and wanted my number. After a little hesitation, I gave them permission to pass my number along.

We went on a first date in July but things didn't take off right away. We tried again in November and this time we clicked.

Two years later, Charlie proposed to me in my apartment with a map of Denver which told our love story.


Most of our guests were visiting from out of town so we wanted a venue that would highlight the beauty of Colorado. The Botanic Gardens provided a relaxed, rustic feel in addition to the mountain views we were looking for. 

We chose navy blue as our primary color with coral as an accent. I felt everyone looks good in navy, and it is pretty easy to match with. We gave our bridal party permission to pick their own clothes so we didn't have to worry about them matching an obscure shade of blue.


We decided on our budget from the very start. The most important things to me were my dress, the food, and the venue. I quickly learned though that just because an element was important, I didn't necessarily need to splurge on it.

I bought my dress from a sample sale at a shop that sold high-end dresses. I could have bought a custom dress from the same store for three times as much, but I would have had to cut costs somewhere else. This way I got a dress that matched the quality I wanted but didn't break the bank.

We decided on BBQ for our dinner, and because it is made in large quantities, it was cheaper than a lot of the other caterers we looked at. It was less expensive, but still so good! Our guests are still talking about the food!

Our venue was a good portion of our budget, but we did save a little by getting married in May. Prices went up in June so even though we knew there might be rain, we thought it was worth the risk.

Charlie also designed our wedding invitations so we could print them ourselves which saved us a lot of money.

We did spend a lot on photography and florals, which I wasn't expecting. However, I am so glad that we did because they really made a difference. Our reception decor was basically just our centerpieces so the florals were the focal point and I was happy to have beautiful arrangements. Also, because we didn't have a videographer, the photos are our only evidence of the day.

Unique Details

My brother was our officiant which made our ceremony feel incredibly intimate. He asked Charlie and I questions about our relationship and incorporated those into the ceremony so it was unique to us.

I also wore a hat made with a flower from my grandmother's church hat. She passed away a few years ago, so it was a way for me to include her in my special day. I love that I'll have this small piece of to cherish with so much meaning.

Favorite Memory

I absolutely loved our entire day. I think my favorite memory was the reception dance party. I could finally stop worrying about the details and making sure everything went smoothly. I got to dance with my friends, my family, and my new husband!


Our biggest challenge was preparing for the threat of rain. I had to create three different seating charts, because if it rained we would have to move our reception inside. On the morning of the wedding, I made the call to go to plan C even though it wasn't raining yet.

I figured I should make the choice before the rain started falling so I wasn't disappointed or stressed out once things got started. It ended up raining in a big way, so I was glad to have already made the decision. The reception was set up inside and we didn't have to rush and move all of the tables inside.

(For weather contigency help, check out the Colorful Colorado Weddings blog post, "How to Create a Weather Contingency Plan for Your Outdoor Wedding.")

Lessons Learned

For us, wedding planning wasn't as stressful as people told us it would be. I kept thinking I must be missing something because it was going too easily. The big thing I've learned now is that you can get most things secondhand and save a lot. After the wedding, we resold the linens from the reception for super cheap. I wish I had looked online for some of our decor because I'm sure I could've found things for less.

Tips for Engaged Couples

Charlie and I truly worked together to plan our wedding and I think that made it so much easier. There were some things that I knew I would want to control so I didn't ask Charlie to deal with those. But for everything else, I would ask for his opinion or he would take charge of it himself. I don't think there was any time when we were truly stressed out during the planning because we shared the responsibility. We enjoyed it and that allowed us to enjoy our engagement.

We were also engaged for a year and half which gave us a lot of time to plan. We booked our venue very early which gave us time to make decisions based on what we knew we were working with instead of choosing things and then trying to make them fit with the venue later. I also bought my dress pretty early on which made it so I never had to pay for rush fees on cleaning or tailoring.

Ultimately I think it is important to plan as much as you can, but when the day comes you have to go with the flow. Regardless of how much thought you put into the details, something can and probably will go wrong. The only thing that matters is that you're married!

Marriage Advice

I think it is important to stay true to yourselves. After we said "I do" there were no doves or angels singing. Our wedding was a ceremony to legally cement and celebrate the loving relationship we began to establish from our very first date. My advice is to enjoy your life together, but do not expect things with your spouse to suddenly be something magical because you're married. The magic comes before the wedding day and continues to build from there.

Guest List Count: 130 // Photography: Urban Safari Photography // Venue: Botanic Gardens at Chatfield // Coordinator: Kristi Thompson // Bakery: Nothing Bundt Cake // Caterer: Rocky Mountain Catering // Event Rentals: A Vintage Affair // DJ: Play Anything // Save the Dates: Minted // Florist: Ladybird Poppy // Hairstylist: It's Natural // Makeup Artist: Pretty Bride Shop // Wedding Dress: Little White Dress Bridal