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5 Bridesmaid Dress Trends for Modern Weddings

While the bride will be the center of the show on her wedding day, we can’t forget about her girls! They’re there to compliment and complete the picture perfect day!

The bridal party is all about doing things in uniform; hosting a bridal shower, engagement party, getting down with a bachelorette party, and maybe even helping out with a few DIY projects. But just because they do things in uniform, doesn’t mean they have to wear one solid uniform!

We wanted to share a few of our favorite bridesmaid dress trends to help kick off that conversation with your girls that everyone would love and appreciate!

Photo by  Jessilynn Wong

Trend #1: Mix and Match Styles, Same Color/Color Palette

The bride has a vision, all her BFFS in one uniform…but then reality hits and she realizes that not all her girls look good with the same dress style. While days of old show us bridesmaids wearing the same dress style, break tradition and switch it up! We often see brides giving their bridesmaids the freedom to choose the style they want, but in the specific wedding color. With this style trend, we have each of the bridesmaids in a dress style they’re comfortable with and this makes for a great photo op on the big day!

Trend #2: Mix and Match Colors, Same Style

Let’s face it, whether you have an opinionated group of girls or not, the color choice is always going to be a controversial one. This new trend of mixing and matching colors, yet in the same style of dress, is one that should please everyone. The bride chooses the dress style and her girls can choose from the different colors that the bride has picked. Preselected colors are best so that there aren't any clashing colors.

Trend #3: Mix and Match Colors and Styles

Photo by  Jessilynn Wong

What about the bride that wants to give her girls the best of both worlds? The bride can choose a family of colors and have her bridesmaids choose from a variety of styles. It gives the bridesmaids a chance to have as much freedom as they can while also ensuring that they could wear the dress again!

Trend #4: Sparkles

Thinking of having a Cinderella-inspired wedding? Why not go all out and add some bling-bling to the dress? The girls will shine bright like a diamond and complete the fairy tale wedding!


Trend #5: Floral

A bit on the non-traditional side, floral printed bridesmaid dresses transform the look of the entire bridal party. It’s romantic and adds a bit of that forest fairy flair to the big day.

Which trend do you love the most? We would love to know in the comments below!


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