Bollywood Meets Denver Wedding

Everyone tells Manavi and Pranab their home is filled with love, just like their wedding day was. And when we say their wedding day was filled with love, we mean they celebrated with over 400 friends and relatives! You're going to absolutely swoon over the gorgeous attire, jewelry, and Mehndi body art seen on their big day. Read on to learn more from Manavi!

Love Story

Pranab and I met on Facebook. We were introduced by a common friend. Pranab added me on Facebook but didn't even bother to say hi. So I went online and said, "Now that we are friends on Facebook let me say hi, so hi." I guess that sealed the deal. We were in a long distance relationship for 2 years. 

It was a nice sunny day in October at the public garden in Boston. I was mad at Pranab because I felt he was hiding something from me. I gave him hell for a week because he wouldn't tell me what he was hiding. I was supposed to meet his friend Jamie for lunch. We were walking to a restaurant when I asked him, "If Pranab were ever to cheat, would you tell me?" He reacted by saying, "What kind of question is that?"

That's when Pranab popped out of no where and proposed. We were in a long distance marriage for 6 months, but now we are finally living together in Boston, MA.


Pranab knew how much I love Bollywood, so the wedding was planned around that. My mother-in-law made that night the most memorable for all of us. She planned everything!


We found a very affordable photographer. It was his first time doing a wedding photography shoot and did a great job! I asked one of our cousins to do makeup for the ceremony and she did a great job too. We also got our wedding attire from back home so that helped a lot with the cost.

Unique Details

Favorite Memory

Our cousins made a picture montage of both our families; that was very emotional. All the speeches and walking to Wendy's at 2am. 

The best memory of all is calling myself Mrs. Sharma for the first time.

Lessons Learned

Don't get married while in nursing school! But once the stress is done, everything is worth it.

Marriage Advice

Communication is the key to a happy marriage. One needs to learn to compromise. And knowing there is no such thing as a perfect wife or husband, you just learn to perfect each other's imperfections.

Don't let the child in you die. Everyone tells us our home is just filled with love; it's because we embrace each other's goofiness and say I love you at least 10 times a day. 

Guest List Count: 450 // Photography: Than Hyun and Subi Bhandari // Reception Venue: Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel