4th of July Wedding

The Fourth of July is a time for laid-back fun, friends, family, and good food. What better day could there be to celebrate a wedding? The group photo of Amanda and Ted with all of their wedding guests shows just how fun and laid-back their wedding day really was. Read on to learn more from Amanda!

Love Story

We met in high school in trigonometry class and he sat behind me because he thought I was pretty and because he could cheat off me. We have been best friends since then who enjoy skiing, golfing, and lots of outdoor activities together.

We got engaged after a sushi dinner on Christmas Eve., which I had predicted was going to happen. ;) Planning the wedding was super easy and stress-free considering Ted let me do most of it. The final result was nothing short of perfect and full of joy because I was married to my best friend.


What really inspired my wedding was the Fourth of July. It is my all time favorite holiday. There is something just so treasurable about spending a day out in the sun in the park with your favorite people playing yard games and cooking some barbecue, the sun shining brightly on everyone's smiling faces. Isn't everyone so happy on the Fourth? It's like everyone's worries go on vacation. Also, to be able to celebrate our free country and our ability to have such fun fills my soul with gratitude.


We decided to start with what we thought was the most important so that we would able to splurge on those things. The venue was the most important because it would be what would mostly reflect our personalities and set the mood. Also, we figured having a beautiful venue would cut costs in other areas such as decorations, flowers, and table settings. So we spent a little more on venue.

Next was dress, because, let's get real. From then on we decided that cutting some costs for the rest was okay and would enhance our laid-back feel.

Unique Details

Well one that sticks out a lot is our cake. It was made by The Makery to look like a big blue mountain because Ted and I love skiing so much. We sent them a picture of us skiing and they made little cake toppers that looked exactly like us down to the graphics on our skis. It was incredible! It really showed who we really are and it was super fun to see everyone's blue tongues.

Another unique detail is that our officiant was actually a lifelong friend. She was not an ordained minister yet, but she became one just for us which made our ceremony really special.

The best man of the wedding was Ted's dad; super cute right?

The laid-back, informal vibe really made everyone feel at ease and have so much fun!

Favorite Memory

I think my most favorite was our first dance. Everyone was there with us but it also just felt like him and me. I loved that we didn't spend any money on dance lessons or care what we looked like; we were just being ourselves, having fun dancing to Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud". I didn't want that to ever end.


A unique challenge we had that I don't think a lot of people run into is the sustainability and the need for my venue to be "green". I was unable to have fireworks which is half my love for the Fourth of July. That's okay though; I just had to think around it. They also did not allow sparklers, confetti, balloon releases, butterfly releases, and a whole list of other things I later found out. Which is okay, I care about the environment as well! We eventually settled on getting as many people together as we could to go to the Rapid's game the next day to watch the fireworks there. Beyond that I think the uniqueness lies in the fact that I didn't find much more to be challenging. When you have a happy open mind that is good at solving problems and easy to please, not a lot is challenging.

Lessons Learned

Ask for the cake before the catering group takes it and eats it for themselves/throws it away! Who knows what they did with the rest of it, we got none of it. :( 

Tips for Engaged Couples

Let it really reflect who you and your fiancé are. Don't stress over the details. As long as you are happy everyone is going to see that and have an amazing time!

Take in every moment of your big day because it goes by in a flash!

Marriage Advice

Keep the fights clean and the sex dirty. ;P

Guest Count: 125 // Photographer: Katie Corinne Photography // Venue: Crooked Willow Farms // Planner: The Gardner Effect // Bakery: The Makery // Caterer: Biscuits & Berries // DJ: DJ Guy // Florist: Amore Fiore // Hairstylist: Skye Salon // Makeup Artist: Cynthia // Wedding Dress: The Bridal Collection // Groom and Groomsmen Wardrobe: Men's Warehouse Favors: Seed Packets and Sunglasses with our names and wedding date on them // Officiant: Anne Rowland